Learn how to join the crowd and invest in a company on CrowdVest

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Step 1

Sign up for CrowdVest

We will ask you questions and gather the information we need to get you one step closer to your first investment.

Explore investments

Step 2

Explore Investment Opportunities

You will have a chance to browse the companies that are currently listed on our investment opportunities page. Each company will have its own profile page for you to analyze and decide.

Due diligence

Step 3

Due Diligence

Each investor has different goals and risk levels. You will perform your due diligence on each investment before moving on to making an investment.


Step 4

Make an Investment

Click the Invest Now button to begin the process of investing in the company of your choice.

Steps to making the investment:

  1. Click the "Invest Now" button on the company profile page
  2. Enter investment amount
  3. Verify identity and accreditation status
  4. Enter account information for your bank to safely and electronically move the funds to the company.
  5. Double and triple check your investment
  6. Money will then go into an escrow account until the company fundraise is complete. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation and your money will be sent to the company and you will officially be a shareholder of the company.

Step 5

Manage your portfolio

You will be able to view and manage your portfolio via your dashboard on CrowdVest.

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