Our mission is to preserve the legacy of legendary artists, encourage the work of upcoming artists, and protect the rights of creators.

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  • It is one of our goals to apply the reach of Cloud services to the tunes and moves of the individual or group practicing their art.
  • Our bridge of technology will deliver cross platform interaction improving the creator and consumer relationships.
  • Expects to build several music channels focusing on the legends of soul, rock, hip hop, gospel, country and more.


Nevada based music and entertainment technology company whose primary business is the providing of streaming entertainment content. The Company’s goal is to create a conglomerate in many facets and is preparing to become a major entertainment content provider.

Raising $18,000,000 at $100,000,000 Pre-Money Valuation via Regulation A+

$1,000 Minimum Investment


Darryl payne

Darryl Payne

Chief Executive Officer

A career spanning decades of music writing and production. A period in which Darryl accumulated an extensive library of music masters and television shows, featuring many big entertainers.

Darryl Payne produced concerts are recognized around the globe. His catalogs are used by music companies and television networks. Darryl has produced several Number 1 Billboard songs. Also has production credits on over 3,000 releases, including five different artists on the Billboard charts at the same time.

Ronnal Cothrine

Vice President of Entertainment Sales

Ronnal has a professional career spanning over 30 years of sales and management in the entertainment industry, including over 11 years as District Manager for the Capitol EMI corporation including working on David Bowie and Tina Turner Releases to name a few.

Development and implementation of sales and marketing programs to achieve company goals and meet budgetary expectations, Ronnal has a consultative style that helps build the relationships across departments and with partners/artists to achieve success.

Robert Hayes

Chief Technology Officer

Beginning as a senior site engineer for global petrochemical, telecommunications and national utility concerns, Robert has experienced the growth of automated systems and application of many diverse platforms. With a practical approach to complex issues and the tenacity to adjust as project needs change, he has managed distributed information and control systems for many applications including including Seattle Metro water reclamation network and the U.S. Steel No 2 Gary continuous caster process.

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Regulation A+

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A maximum of 3,600,000 Common Stock Shares are being offered to the public at $5.00 per Share. The minimum number of Common Stock Shares that must be sold prior to the Company having access to the Investment Proceeds is 200,000 for a total of $1,000,000. A maximum of $18,000,000 will be received by the Company from the offering. In addition, 360,000 shares of Common Stock are being offered by selling shareholders.

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Investing in the Company’s Securities is very risky. You should be able to bear a complete loss of your investment. You should carefully consider the following factors, including those listed in this securities offering.

For more risk specific to our company please read the offering circular.

Compensation Disclosure

For the platform posting services CrowdVest shall be entitled to receive an initial administration fee of $10,000 and $10,000 for every month the offering is on the platform, both of which are deferred until after the offering breaks the initial escrow. A posting fee of 20,000 warrants at a price of $5.00/share and 20,000 shares of stock will be delivered before the offering is live on the platform